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TNB Naturals CO2

Our Price:  £15.00(Inc. 20% VAT)(£12.50 Exc. VAT)

Brand:  TNB Naturals

To start- buy the canister which is fully loaded and ready to go, and then buy the refills to top up the canister when it has become depleted.

The Enhancer by TNB Naturals is a natural, safe, and cost effective way of providing extra carbon dioxide for your plants.

Unlike other CO2 generating products which may be depleted by the time of purchase, the CO2 Canister only starts producing CO2 once activated by you. Simply add 1 litre of warm water and shake to activate CO2 production. and hang among your plants.

2 weeks carbon dioxide production, dependant on environmental conditions. Suitable for a 1.2 m grow tent, or smaller. When the canister stops producing CO2 add a refill to continue CO2 production.





you get more CO2 for your money.