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SMS Thermostat

SMS Thermostat
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Brand:  SMS

The SMSCom Thermostat for the SMSCom Plug-In Fan Speed Controller is a great little add-on that increases the speed of your fan by increments if the temperature goes over the temperature set by the user. Simply plug this device into your Fan Controller, set the thermostat, and let it take care of things for you as soon as your grow-room gets too hot!

SMSCom Very reliable and great value-for-money

Plugs straight into your Fan Controller

Wide thermostat temperature range 10C to 40C

Gradually increases the speed of your fan in increments as your grow-room gets hotter

Supplied with 2.9 metres of cable

Simply plug the SMSCom Thermostat into the top of the Plug-In Fan Speed Controller with the 3.5mm jack plug. The SMScom Thermostat should then be placed in an appropriate position in your grow-space where it will read a typical grow-room space temperature. Once set, the system will maintain the minimum fan speed that has been set on the front of the SMSCom Plug-In Fan Speed Controller. If the temperature goes above the temperature that has been set on the front of the SMSCom Thermostat then the system will increase the speed of the fan incrementally until the maximum temperature has been reached again

Remember, the fan speed always needs to be high enough to remove adequate amounts of stale air from your grow space, even when the room is cold. If the fan speed is too low, there may not be enough fresh air exchange to replenish CO2 for optimal plant growth. Also, having your fan speed too low may not keep the humidity down enough for good plant growth and to reduce the chances of mould or rot during flowering