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Wow, that's interesting....

There's an awful lot going on out there. This is where we put links to interesting news stories from around the world. Some of this is about plants and gardening, or animals , some of these stories are other stuff we think is just plain old interesting.
Please take note that just because we post something on here does not mean we agree with it, or the sometimes dodgy editorial points of view in the articles themselves.


24th June 2014. Stop killing the bee's - we need them mounting evidence makes it hard to deny the role of neonicotinoids in declining bee populations                                                 


17th June 2014. New toilets at Glastonbury - These are great, I can speak from personal experience, way way better than the plastic chemical cubicles eeeuuurgggg


6th June 2014. Nitrogen and its importance to your plant - Super interesting article about the element nitrogen, especially the parts about plants and the role of bacteria and fungi in 'nitrogen fixing' 


21st January 2013. Is there life on mars? still no idea... - more evidence here that little green men maybe out there, although they are more likely to be microscopic and buried deep in the Martian rocks.


31st Decemeber 2012. Just how are we going to feed a world of 15 billion souls? Here's an idea... - The 'Plantscrapers' giant gardens in the sky, on the other hand we could stop breeding so damn much.


6th September 2012 Aquaponics in Bristol - It's that A word again. You will be hearing a lot about this, its going to be big, and don't forget aquaponics will soon be coming to Bridgend

12th August 2012. Become more self sufficient - Lucy Siegle, from the one show amongst others has an interest in growing her own. some nice further links in this tiny article that may help your inspiration. Don't forget we can source & supply any of the kit you may need 



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