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House and Garden Multizyme

House and Garden Multizyme
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Brand:  House & Garden
Size:  1 Litre

Weight:  1.14kg



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The growth accelerator

The rich blend of enzymes, co-enzymes and vitamins in Multi Zyme increases nutrient uptake and accelerates growth in 3 key ways.

  1. Thickens the cambium layer – the plant’s internal plumbing system. This boosts the immune system and creates more flowering sites.
  2. Dissolves old roots – to provide an additional food source and create space for healthy, productive new roots.
  3. Breaks down base nutrients – into ready to use micro nutrients which plants find easier to take-up and use.

Can be used in Hydro, Coco and Soil.


Dilution: 1ml Multi Zyme to 1 litre nutrient solution. Multi Zyme can be used from transplanting all the way through the grow.


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