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Ecothrive Biosys

Ecothrive Biosys£3.50  -  £45.00

Instant Microbe Tea



Ecothrive Charge

Our Price:  £6.00(Inc. 20% VAT)(£5.00 Exc. VAT)

Brand:  Ecothrive

Charge is 100% natural & organic and complements any liquid feeding program

Charge is premium organic soil conditioner & bio-stimulant made exclusively from mealworm castings boosting plant growth in 3 important ways

  • Boosts growth and production through a broad spectrum of slow release & natural fertility
  • Activates plant immune system helping them to fight off diseases
  • Packed full of beneficial micro-organisms improving nutrient cycles and availability as well as boosting root growth

How to Use

​Charge can be applied in the following ways :   

  • ​Simply mix in to media at a rate of 1 litre of charge to 100 litres of soil, or 1 litre of charge to 50L of coco.
  • Top dress the soil with charge every 4 weeks and simply water in 
  • Mix charge directly into watering can or take mix and apply as a foliar spray
  • Compost tea - add at start of brew cycle with usual compost & microbial stimulants
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Ecothrive Biosys

Ecothrive Biosys

Instant Microbe Tea

£3.50  -  £45.00