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600W / 400 Volt Digilight Pro Max Dimmable Light Kit

600W / 400 Volt Digilight Pro Max Dimmable Light Kit
Our Price:  £179.00(Inc. 20% VAT)(£149.17 Exc. VAT)

Included in this kit:

1 x Digilight 600W / 400 Volt Ballast
1 x Euro Reflector
1 x Lamp of your choice 

The DigiLight Pro 600 Watt 400 Volt Lighting Kit gives you all the features of high end hardware for a fraction of the price. This incredibly durable kit has a high-quality ballast with the ability to auto-detect if a 400v or 240v lamp is fitted. This means that it adjusts to make sure that your lamp is burning at the right level, and not wasting any heat. It also has very reliable auto reset and lamp life detection functions, alongside dynamic frequency control. The DigiLight ballast has selectable power modes with LED indicators, from 400w to 660w. One of the best things about this kit is that you can use any 400v HID lamp, with any of these reflectors



Drives 240v and 400v lamps!
  • Hassle free - auto detects between lamp types
  • Get 400v tech - but with the ability to swap out for halides during veg
  • Incredible 600w 400v performance for a low price point
  • 400w, 500w, 600w and 660w settings
  • Quality, reliable components
  • Surge control system, that prevents electricity surges and high temperature
  • Silent, and lightweight material
  • Dynamic frequency control
  • Contains thermal protection and auto reset technology
  • Your choice of quality reflector