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Sol-Digital Super HPS 400v DE 1000w

Sol-Digital Super HPS 400v DE 1000w
Our Price:  £59.00(Inc. 20% VAT)(£49.17 Exc. VAT)

Weight:  200g



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Aswell as being compatible with Adjusta-Watt / Sol-Digital 400v lighting kits, you can also run this lamp with the Gavita Pro 1000w, the Gavita Pro 1000w E-Series and the Dimlux 1000w System.

  • One of the finest lamps money can buy
  • For use with the Adjusta-Watt e-Lite 400v / 1000w ballast and custom reflector
  • Can also be used in other 400 volt systems like the Gavita Pro 1000w and Dimlux 1000w
  • Represents amazing value for money - 50% cheaper than the competition
  • Runs at a higher frequency than standard HPS
  • Delivers yield increases of up to 20% over standard HPS lighting
  • Engineered to maintain its light output at varying output settings
  • Only needs replacing once a year (on average)
  • Fast warm up and re-striking times
  • PAR value of 2050 umol/m2/s - as much useable plant light as the sun at midday!


Not content to just copy the competition, the research and development team at Sol-Digital have engineered their 400v / 1000w lamp to maintain it's spectrum as closely as possible when switching between different output levels (as is the case for other lamps in the Sol-Digital range). It's designed for use with the new Adjusta-Watt e-Lite 400v /1000w ballast, so you'll have all of the benefits of running three systems in one: a 400w, 600w & 1000w. However, because the lamp reduces spectral shifts and drops in efficiency to practically nothing, you'll also have none of the drawbacks. For this reason, it also makes a great, cost-effective option for those looking to replace lamps in their existing 1000w pro systems (Gavita Pro 1000w and Dimlux 1000w)

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