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SMS Com 4.5amp Fuses

SMS Com 4.5amp Fuses£2.00



SMS COM Twin MK2(for 2 fans, max 4.5 amp)

SMS COM Twin MK2(for 2 fans, max 4.5 amp)
Our Price:  £89.00(Inc. 20% VAT)(£74.17 Exc. VAT)

Weight:  820g



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The sms twin controller fan 4.5 automatically controls the speed of your extractor and intake fan to ensure an optimum grow room temperature. This unique product represents a real step forward in automatic temperature control. Unlike other controllers that simply shunt fans from idle to full speed after temperature is exceeded, the twin controller automatically calculates the exact running speed for your fans to maintain the temperature you set. The sensor will constantly monitors the temperature of your grow room and will automatically increase/decrease fan speed

• Optomise grow room temperature

• Allows the user to set a minimum fan speed to ensure adequate air exchange even at low temps

• Optomise air pressure

• Maximum fan speed setting – great for using oversized fans

• Smscom – great quality and value-for-money

• The mk2 latest version of the most popular model in the range

• Gives great control over your garden air temperature

• Controls the speed of both an intake fan and an outlet fan

This unit has two sockets on the front one for your intake and one for your extraction and 3 controller knobs. The first control allows the user to set a minimum fan speed. This allows the user to set the lowest fan speed required for adequate air exchange in the garden space. The second control on the SMSCom twin Fan speed temperature controller allows the user to set the desired temperature to be maintained. The third controller knob allows you to set the maximum fan speed. This is particularly useful when using oversized duct fans. If your fan is larger than required for the size of the grow area, you may not want it to kick in at full speed – using the maximum fan speed knob will ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Power consumption: 2.25 amps
Warranty: 5 years

SMS Com 4.5amp Fuses

SMS Com 4.5amp Fuses£2.00