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Smart CO2 Bag

Smart CO2 Bag
Our Price:  £15.00(Inc. 20% VAT)(£12.50 Exc. VAT)

Weight:  123g



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Unlike other CO2 generating products which may be depleted by the time of purchase, the smart CO2 bag only starts producing CO2 once activated by you. Simply as 1-2ml of water to activate CO2 production 

  • Requires no maintenance
  • Comes with reinforced "fast hang" eyelet, as CO2 sinks, providing your plants with much more CO2
  • The smart CO2 bag isa natural, safe and cost effective way of admininstering your plants with carbon dioxide
  • The perks of increases CO2 levels within a greenhjouse are universally know, and inclyde earlier flowing, greater yields, enhncedstem strenghth and weightier flowers
  • Increased amount of medium in co2 bag for longer use
you get more CO2 for your money.

Recommended room size : 5m2 - 15m2

  • Using a pencil or screwdriver pierce 3-6 holes in the bag roughly 1 inch from the top. Do not make contact with the condense of the bag
  • Using the cable tie supplied hang the bag above your plants. Situate the bvag close to air intake to ensure CO2 is not removed from the room immediately
  • The bag will begin to produce CO2 over 2-3 days at an optimum temperature of between 25-30 degrees
  • Optimum humidity levels are important; therefore, if the bag produces too much moisture, simply pierce the bottom of the bag with a pin to remove excess moisture
  • Do not hang close to lights or other heat source
  • Bags will produce CO2 for between 2-3 months dependant on ventilation, heat, humidity and amount of holes in bag