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To help you improve your knowledge we have selected a few short videos from the internet for you to have a look at. They are generally about plants and gardening, with an emphasis on hydroponics and the science behind what we do. Thanks to those who have made this content for allowing us to share them.

How to improve your seed germination rates. Its very simple, but you need to get the basics right first. A short video explaining what conditions seeds need to germinate and a little bit about plant nutrients.



How to improve plant yields by manipulation of the environment. A short video looking at the techniques used by commercial growers to increase yields.


Aquaponics, fish and veg system. A great introductory video about aquaponics - a type of semi-closed system hydroponics that grows both edible fish and vegatables. The fish require feeding, and the waste from the fish (poo) goes on to feed the plants. It's not as easy as it looks, but can be fantastic if done properly.


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