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Convenient for all your hydro needs

Large warehouse on the outskirts Bridgend with plenty of parking and easy loading, we are here to fulfill your hydro supply needs. Just off J36 M4 within easy reach of Swansea, Cardiff, Newport, Port Talbot, Caerphilly, Neath, Maesteg, and the South Wales Valleys. If it's a complete set up, or a spare part we are your people.

We stock horticultural lighting - CFLs and High Intensity Discharge lights, and a huge range of spare lamps. We have different colours to suit vegetative growth or flowering / fruiting.

We are experts in environmental control, stocking quality extraction fans and carbon filters to match. All types of aluminium duct, including acoustic dampened, and splitters, reducers and joiners are in stock. Pallets of quality soils, coco fibre, and clay pebbles are always available. Priced by the bag, and we offer discounts on full pallets (60 bags x 50 litres) which can be delivered to you.

The best hydroponic shopping experience in South Wales, our customers travel from all over Wales as well as Birmingham, and Bristol.

We have 1000 different product in stock. Here are some of our brands and products

• Canna

• Can filter • Special Mix • Rope Ratchets

• Ionic

• Rhino Filters • Soil • Maxicrop
• Plant Magic • RVK Fans • Coco • Clip on fans

• Hesi

• Vents Fans • Perlite • Mylar sheet

• Bio Bizz

• Acoustic box fans • Vermiculite • Black & white sheet

• Plagron

• Sylvania grolux lamps • Rockwool Blocks • Propagators
• Vitalink • Sunmaster lamps • Rockwool Slabs • Scapels
• Bcuzz • Dual Spectrum CFL Lamps • Jiffy pellets • Rooting hormone
• Humbolt • Grodan Rockwool • Clay pebbles • Mychorrihzea
• Monster Bloom • Bluelab Testers • Grow tents • Root boosters
• Atami • SMS Com fan Controllers  • Scrog nets • Veg boosters 
• Maxicrop • Lumatec Lights • Ezi Rolls • Flower boosters


What is hydroponics?

Put very simply hyroponics is growing without soil, either in a water culture or an inert grow media such as expanded clay pebbles. It can be very simple to set up, need not cost a lot, and with a little learning can be a very rewarding hobby.

All plants have the same basic requirements - water, oxygen, nutrients, light and warmth. A good hydroponic system will deliver the optimum levels of water, nutrients, and very importantly oxygen to the roots of your plants. An even better hydroponic system will have a degree of automation that means these levels can be maintained consistently without your constant attention.

Hydoponic gardening has been around for a very long time - the Hanging Gardens of Babylon? These days it is almost a certainty that the bag of salad or the cut flowers you picked up from the supermarket were grown hydroponically. Other popular and easy hydroponic crops are - capsicum peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, marrows, melons, chillies, aubergines, lettuce. Again it would be a fair bet that the supermarkets all stock hydroponically grown varieties.

What most people don't know is that most crops can be grown using hydro techniques - even carrots or potatoes.

Alongside hydroponics the main ways to get the most from your crops are to use supplementary lighting, controlling the environment your plants are in, using specific foods, or plant regulators (sometimes referred to as boosters) because they stop plant from producing leaf and start producing more fruit or flowers.

We are the future, check out this article-  The Daily Mail - 'Plantscrapers' (Plant Skyscrapers, the future of farming)


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