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Hydroponic how to........... set up a hydro system

We have selected a few short videos from our suppliers for you to have a look at. We will be adding to this little video library as more content is available. Thanks to those that own these clips for allowing us to share them. All of the hydro systems below are available to buy from us and all come in a variety of sizes, from the very small to the absolutely massive.


How to set up a NFT (nutrient film technique) hydroponic system. Provided by Nutriculture who have done so much over the last 30 years to bring hydroponics to the hobby gardener. Easy to set up, good for restricted height environments.


How to set up a Wilma dripper system. Possibly the easiest hydroponics system available in Wales or the world! I would say it is idiot proof, but that would be tempting someone to prove me wrong.



How to set up an Xstream aeroponic propagator. These little beauties will produce rooted cuttings faster than just about any other method. Super cheap to run, Animal and Garden Supplies keeps a full range of accessories and spares as well as the complete systems.



How to set up an Ebb and Flood hydroponic system. Also known as Flood and Drain, this type of hydro system relies on a pump, or pumps, and timers to regulate the periodic flooding of the root zone with nutrient rich water.



How to set up an IWS (intelligent watering System) Flood and Drain hydroponic system. They should rename this one Superponics. Great system that maximises the potential of your plant. Fairly easy to use, it is largely automated leaving you plenty of time to watch Corrie.



How to set up a DWC (deep water culture) hydroponic system. Also known as a bubbler for obvious reasons. Great system. Simple and very effective. Systems made to your specifications. Highly recommended. Try it!


How to set up an Oxypot Bucket. Basically a single pot DWC (deep water culture / bubbler). It does not get any simpler. Change the nutrient once a week and you cannot go wrong.


How to set up an IWS dripper system. A minority sport this one, however you may find it interesting.



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