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Garden Supplies

Outdoor Gardening and Allotments

garden supplies drip irriagtion fittings       Whether you are a serious enthusiast or a reluctant gardener we are here to  help you with quality products and sound advice to help make your gardening experience a productive one.

      We stock a range of products to help you in the greenhouse the garden or allotment. Dreaming of beautiful hanging baskets? Pop in and see us. Pests chomping your prized blooms? We have solutions that may well help you here as well.



Indoor Gardening 

indoor gardening hydroponics      Beautiful flowers, or home grown fruit and vegetables, whatever your thing is we will have a product for it.
      As well as the traditional pots and soils we can help with novel solutions such as gravity fed autopots which take so much of the hardwork out of keeping your plants fed and watered correctly.

      Do your plants need more light? We can help there as well with specialist horticultural lighting and control systems.




Organic hydroponic bio nutrients      Organic gardening is growing in popularity every year. If you don't have the time to make your own organic plant food we can source these for you  along with specialist soil mixes.
      What could be better to beat the pesky pests in your garden than boosting the natural population of ladybirds for example - yes we can get these for       you along with many other beneficial insects and nematodes to help you win the battle without chemical pesticides.
      As with everything else if we don't have what you need we will be pleased                                                       to find the products and stock it for you.



hydroponic rockwool nft herbs      Growing without soil? It has many benefits including faster growth and bigger yields, this type of gardening puts you firmly in control, and it's not as hard as you may think.
      From one pot planters to large multipot automated systems there is so much choice available, and we can also help you with custom built DIY systems from our large range of fittings.

      Our range of products includes liquid nutrients, pumps, ph control, cf meters,       Grodan rockwool cubes, supplementary lighting, and just about anything else                                                     you could need.


Pumps and Accessories

Pond water pump air pump      Wide selection of water pumps and air pumps in stock. We have pumps suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Could your fountain or water feature use a little more oomph?

      You will find we have a great range of airstones and diffusers, along with super tough tank heaters, and lots of pipe and tubing.

      We are happy to source any additional products that you may need.


              Opening Hours :
           Mon-Fri 10am-5:00pm
                Sat 11am-3pm
                      Sun Closed
         Tel : 01656 663030