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Canna Flush

Canna Flush
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Brand:  Canna

Canna Flush will effectively clean or rid the medium of all excess nutrient salts. When used in case of over-fertilisation or heavy feeding, it will clean the medium without harming any useful and beneficial organisms as may be the case when using reverse osmosis water or de-mineralized water

​Directions: Flushing excess nutrients from drainable substrates
​Soil or Soilless mixes
  • Administer dilute Canna Flush (2ml/L of water) till you have drain
  • Water plants once with plain tap water according to normal watering frequency till you have drain
  • Then resume normal feeding schedule

​Hydroponics (Open Systems)

  • ​Administer the diluted Canna Flush (4ml/L of water) the last feed of the day till there is 10-20% drain
  • Water plants once with plain tap water till you have drain
  • Start administering according to normal feeding schedule (with 10-20% drain) the following day

Directions: Before harvest

  • Start one to two weeks before harvest and apply at above rates and in the above fashion once a week
  • Continue through harvest on a normal feeding schedule

​Directions: Re-using inert substrates

  • ​Canna Flush is ideal for cleaning inert substrates (like clay pebbles). Add diluted Canna Flush (4ml/L tap water).Soak for 24 hours then rinse with some amount of tap water. Repeat if necessary