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Bank Transfer / Pay Cash

If you would prefer not to pay for your order using a card, then you can pay for your order via bank Transfer or by putting the cash directly in the Bank 

Payments By Cash or Cheque at Bank or by Electronic Bank Transfer

To pay by bank transfer simply complete the checkout process as usual. After you enter your personal/delivery details, select Bank Transfer on the following payment page. You will be presented with a page displaying our account details and a message confirming your order followed by an email containing your invoice.

Visit your own bank or a local Lloyds Bank and pay Cash or Cheque directly into our bank account, or send funds by electronic bank transfer. Please use your invoice number as a reference.

Our bank details are as follows:

Lloyds Bank


Account Number : ​54754060

Sort Code : ​30-67-34

We will dispatch your goods when payment has been made and the funds have cleared which will normally be one working day for payments by cash or up to five working days for payments by cheque

Make sure that you obtain a receipt from the bank (or have the cashier stamp the paying-in slip) for your deposit as this will be your proof of payment.

Once payment has been made, please email us to let us know, mentioning your order number and how you have paid (cash, cheque, electronic bank transfer). We will then look out for the payment to clear. We will dispatch your order when the funds reach our account